Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Art Deco Style

Art Deco style (or Art Deco) is the luxury and richness of the Fitzgerald era (Gatsby is right from there), a manifesto against asceticism and greyness. The style was born in Paris in the early 20th century, reaching its peak in popularity in 1920-1930. In a world of post-war crisis and the Great Depression, Art Deco became a breath of fresh air, a flash of joy and a feast without reason.

In the 1920s, the standard of art deco was the interiors of expensive restaurants and the best hotels, it seemed that this style was created not for life, but for filming, deliberately demonstrating high income. But gradually, the “solid style for the middle class”, which became a symbol of freedom and progress, became widespread in residential areas as well.

Art Deco Style Elements

The art deco style appeared as a result of a mixture of neoclassicism and modernity. From the first art deco took the pursuit of luxury, from the second – materials with expensive texture.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Modern and art deco are often confused, although these styles are not only with different stories, but also with different characters. One of the reasons for the confusion were similar names: art Nouveau is often called Art Nouveau, and the word “modern” means “recent”, “modern”, although by origin of art Deco younger style.

Art Deco is a combination of sophistication and rigor. Straight broken lines, angularity, clear forms, rich, but neutral color palette, allowing the emphasis on accessories and decorative elements. Metallic shades and strong contrasts are used in finishing and decorating.

In art deco wall decoration, wallpaper with an abstract geometric pattern is most often used. The business card of the style can be called the image of sunlight, diverging from the center.

The luxury of the style is emphasized by expensive and rare materials. Snake and crocodile leather, ivory, precious metals, wood of exotic breeds in Art Deco are appropriate as nowhere else. Textiles are also expensive: satin with silver and gold sewing, silk lampshades and curtains.

Modernity is a combination of decoration and functionality. Curved silhouettes, a subdued color palette with colors close to natural. The mosaic, a panel with vegetative motifs, acts as bright accents.

In finishing, as in art deco, different materials are used, but not so loud “screaming” about luxury: marble, glass, wood of traditional breeds, natural and artificial stone. Textiles are used monochrome or with images of insects (dragonflies, butterflies), plant ornaments.

Modern Art Deco

Modern Art Deco does not copy and restore historical interiors, does not drive itself into the past, but simply seeks comfort and luxury. The new style of art deco follows the logic of its ancestor, taking into account the needs of the modern world. The interior is still symmetrical and expensive materials are used, but the decorative objects and art objects are in step with the times: cartoons, comics, sports and fashion industry, famous labels. Art deco without shyness absorbs all popular and fashionable, attracts attention and admires stylish luxury.

All architectural elements in modern art deco are as simple as possible and are simple geometric forms. The style is alien to the curves of Rococo and Baroque, the asymmetry of Art Nouveau.

Open rich colours are only allowed in small details, for the arrangement of accents. However, the best solution for this is complex and expensive textures. It does not have to be natural materials, the main thing is that they have a high level of elaboration and good decorative qualities.

At registration of walls it is not recommended to use a taxi and wall-paper with a pattern. Today the choice of art deco is monochrome walls.

Art Deco Apartment

The design of the apartment in Art Deco style requires large areas and high ceilings. For smaller spaces, the best option is to stylize with some style elements. For example, mirror and glossy surfaces will not only add luxury, but also help to expand the space.

Another important point to consider when choosing Art Deco is the scale. Majesty of style is given by large pieces of furniture and art objects: a massive central chandelier, king size bed. If you can create a multi-layered, multi-stage room with the help of architectural solutions, it will strengthen the art deco in the interior.

Art Deco: Kitchen interiors

Art Deco style interior will look best in a spacious kitchen with an island or a kitchen-living room, where there is enough room for decor, luxury finishes and furniture. However, even in a small area you can implement the ideas of this style. In this case, it is better to choose the color scheme as bright as possible, the decor should be used minimally, and to visually expand the space use a mirror and glossy surfaces.

The floor in the Art Deco kitchen should be combined with wall colour, but it does not have to be repeated. Contrast solution and the floor, reminiscent of a chessboard, look organic in this interior. As a flooring you can choose stone, porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles.

Smooth or multi-level ceiling is decorated with spotlights or stucco perimeter borders. However, the main decoration of the ceiling is a chandelier – a fanciful, large, attracting the attention of every guest.

For wall decoration, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper with a typical Art Deco print or monochrome, stone, tile or paint.

Art Deco Living Room

When decorating the living room in Art Deco style, most often warm colors are used: beige, milk, blue, chocolate, orange. Bright shades should not be many, in such an interior is inadmissible motley, but the accents can be saturated, aggressive.

As a floor covering, it is best to choose natural wood parquet. Let’s say a modern laminate, but always with a four-sided chamfer. If you want a light floor, choose a shade without turning yellow.

For wall decoration you can use any finishing materials: wallpaper, decorative plaster, paint. The combination of different materials is welcome, but make sure that there are no sharp transitions at the joints.

When decorating the ceiling you can use stucco, plasterboard structures, decorative cornices. But do not forget that in modern interiors complex ceilings are considered to be mowetona and it is quite possible to limit the usual flat ceiling.

Art Deco in the bedroom

For an art deco style bedroom, symmetry by the bed, a large number of textiles, geometric motifs in the decoration of the floor and walls. The color scheme should be such that every detail of the interior is visible, not lost in the general background.

For floor decoration in the bedroom it is recommended to use natural materials: parquet, boards made of exotic wood, stone. Poured floors imitating marble and wood are allowed.

Walls in the interior of the bedroom art deco serve as a background for the environment, so they should be neutral. Optimal variant is monochrome wallpaper. An interesting combination of different textures looks, for example, the design of the wall at the headboard of the bed may differ from other walls.

The ceiling can be multilevel, decorated with curbs and stucco. For room zoning rectangular forms or rounded lines are used.

The main item of furniture in the bedroom, of course, the bed. Its headboard is tall, upholstered in leather or expensive fabric or wooden with unusual ornaments. On both sides of the headboard there are bedside tables.

The interior of the bedroom in art deco style requires a lot of light, and it is better artificial than natural. For this reason, the windows are often curtained and an intimate, relaxing atmosphere is created by using electric lamps. In the centre of the ceiling it is possible to place a massive chandelier of unusual shape made of glass or crystal. Lights should be installed on bedside tables and a floor lamp next to the dressing table.

Interior Furniture

It is quite difficult to find art deco furniture in the mass market and most often it is ordered from individual designers or bought in salons offering premium-class furniture.

Furniture is characterized by simple forms and the use of expensive materials. Most often art deco furniture is made of wood inlaid with ivory, steel or brass elements. The surface is lacquered, animal skins, crocodile or snake leather, expensive fabrics can be used for upholstery. It is better to choose neutral tones for the furniture. The combination of white and black colours, cream, milk or bronze shades, colour of aged gold looks beautifully. Such furniture will emphasize the taste of the owner and will always attract attention.

Fittings on the furniture must be of high quality, expensive and expressive. In Art Deco they do not save on details.

As you can see, art deco style requires a lot of time and money, but the final result is worth all the investment. After all, what could be better than to relax in a cozy, to the smallest detail of thought-out luxury?