Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Sleeping takes about a third of our lives and the better we sleep, the brighter we live. Comfortable and functional bedroom, corresponding to your idea of beauty – what you need for a good sleep and a good rest.

Modern bedroom design ideas

These requirements are fully met by modern style bedrooms, they are versatile and suitable for most people. The basic idea of modern bedrooms is simplicity. The set of furniture is minimal, in a concise version, the only exception may be the main item of interior – the bed.

There should be practically no curved lines in the interior and furniture. Archways, a radius step on the ceiling, smooth lines and curved niches of drywall – all this should remain outside the boundaries of the bedroom in a modern style. Rectangular forms of finishing are softened by curtains, upholstered furniture and textiles.

Modern bedroom design ideas allow for the use of almost any color in the finish, but we recommend to adhere to neutral, soft shades:

  • The ceiling is always white.
  • The floor is usually parquet or laminate. Concrete, poured floors, carpeting, PVC tiles are less common.
  • The basic colour of walls – beige, white, grey, any dark colour.
  • Accent finishing of walls – can be of any color, most often calm, “dirty” shades are used.

Natural shades in the bedroom interior emphasize the connection with nature, environmental friendliness and promote relaxation and peace. Bright colors are not needed in all modern styles, but if you want to add a few saturated colors to your bedroom, use them in proportion.

The design of the bedroom in a modern style:

Each modern style bedroom has its own distinctive features. These features allow you to systematize your interiors by key features in the use of shapes, materials, colors and accents. But in any direction the comfort factor remains fundamental, because the quality of rest depends on the general atmosphere of the room.

  • Bedroom in modern classic style

The design of the bedroom in the style of modern classics is equally well suited to conservatives and people open to new ideas.

The main principle of interior design in the classical style is symmetry. From the center of the composition (in the bedroom it is without doubt a bed) comes an axis of symmetry, along which are placed furniture, decor and accessories. The principle of pairedness in modern classics is clearly demonstrated by parallel bedside cabinets, lighting fixtures, identical or similar accessories.

The color scheme in such a bedroom is light neutral or dark and contrasting. Most often gray, white or beige is used as the basis for wall decoration. The floors can be in classic brown tones or darker, close to black. The carpet will be a great addition to the wooden floor.

A bedroom in a modern classic style cannot be imagined without accents in the form of textiles and decorative objects. Add a little brightness with paintings, decorative cushions, textiles, lighting fixtures.

  • Hi-tech bedroom design

High-tech style is aimed at introducing the latest technology in the design of any room. Its distinguishing features are shiny metallized surfaces, clear lines and overall minimalism. The bedroom in hi-tech style is restrained, but comfortable and functional. This design option is preferred by people who like a discreet and strict interior, ready for bold solutions and interested in new technologies and developments.

Design of a bedroom in hi-tech style does not tolerate untidiness and heap of objects, here the spaciousness, geometry and abundance of light, both natural and artificial rule. Such a bedroom is ideal for chrome-plated luminaires, built-in spotlights, sconces, zone LED lighting. The number of lighting fixtures depends on the area of the room and color design.

The colour of the finish and textiles are usually white, metallic grey, silver-blue, blue or black. Combination of these colours with green, yellow, red or beige will refresh the interior, and some paintings with abstractions will add completeness and balance it out.

The furniture for the hi-tech bedroom should be modern, with simple forms, geometrically accurate outlines, chrome fittings and glossy surfaces and, of course, have high functionality. Such furniture looks stylish, modern and does not overload the interior. The modular furniture is very popular. The highlight of the interior can be a round bed or a suspended table.

When designing a bedroom in high-tech style, avoid over-saturation with bright accents. Everything in the room should be as simple and discreet as possible, choose an accent shade of bright and clean.

Modern interior of the bedroom:

The interior of the bedroom in a modern style is versatile: the combination of comfort and minimalism makes it suitable for any space. As in the bedroom we meet every new day of our lives, it is important that this day begins in comfort. The design of the bedroom in a modern style takes into account all these points and the result is the ideal place for a comfortable rest.

The desire to keep as much free space as possible in the room allows for a modern bedroom interior, not overloaded with decor and unnecessary furnishings. Experienced designers can easily design an “air” bedroom, even for an area not exceeding 10-12 sq. meters.

The interior design of a modern bedroom excludes the use of ceramic tiles or stone in the floor decoration. To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, we recommend covering the floor with a soft fluffy carpet.

  • Small modern style bedroom

Often modern small bedrooms look more cosy than larger rooms. The small number of square meters practically does not limit the choice of stylistic direction. The simplest option – design in the style of high-tech. Balance and mandatory minimalism of style will not overload the space, the bedroom will turn out functional, stylish and cozy. If the room has large windows and a lot of bright natural light, the ideal solution would be a Scandinavian style.

Whichever direction of modern style you choose, you should follow a few rules. Small modern bedrooms require ergonomics and practicality. The first thing you should do is decorate the room in light colours. Such a solution will visually increase the area, create a feeling of lightness and space. So that the room does not seem boring, add bright accents. They can be decorative objects, paintings with abstract patterns, textiles.

  • The design of the big bedroom

The big bedroom opens wide possibilities for designers. But before designing a room, it is necessary to define its functional purpose: whether it will be a room exclusively for sleeping or also a place for rest, reading or work, perhaps there will be a storage area. After that you can start to design a large bedroom.

An important factor affecting the cosiness is the finish. It directly influences the mood of the owners to fall asleep and wake up. Depending on the design project in the finish can be used several types of materials, different textures and shades with which the bedroom can be easily divided into zones. The use of contrasting colors will allow a clearer division of space. Bright, saturated colors that stimulate active actions are ideal for the workplace; it is recommended to decorate the sleep area in delicate pastel shades.

Decorative elements and accessories: decorative pillows, paintings, family photos, bed mats will help to make a big bedroom more cozy.

  • Bright bedroom in a modern style

Color design affects not only the general perception of the interior, but also the emotional background of the owners. Modern bedrooms in light tones are very popular: white, beige, light shades of grey. Different shades of white can be both the basis of design, and serve as a universal background for other shades. White bedroom is ideal for minimalism, Scandinavian and high-tech styles.

There are many shades of beige, each of them allows you to make the bedroom original, emphasizing the taste of owners and giving a sense of coziness, calmness and warmth. This color scheme is often found in the style of modern classics.

Light grey tones used in the design of the bedroom, contribute to quality rest. Pale shades of grey look good in combination with other delicate shades. Choosing this color scheme, carefully choose the furniture – it should become a highlight of the room, it will be emphasized.

Colour accents – bright textiles and accessories, the use of textures and unusual light sources – will help to diversify the design of a modern bedroom in light tones.

  • Design of the bedroom in dark tones

A few years ago, black was considered gloomy, depressing and was only used as a contrast. Today, bedroom design in dark tones is very popular.

Dark colors look stylish and help to create a sense of coziness, intimacy in the room. In large bedrooms, they can be chosen to decorate one or more walls. Dark colors will not make the room look like an underground dwelling or cave. Colour accents and thoughtful lighting neutralize the feeling of gloom.

In bedrooms with a small area, black and other dark colours are better suited for accents. Ideal are straight lines on the wall in a high-tech bedroom or a black bed with paintings in black frames in the headboard.